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Raffle Winner
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Chocolate Festival Committee Meeting

Working hard at today's committee meeting were: Dale, Bob Jansen, Jan, George, Michael Arietti, Eva, John and Rick.
Board Meeting

Because our President had been wandering around France, the club's January board was delayed until today.  Attendees included: read more
Is it the truth?

The wheel was spun today effecting a $3 fine for lateness, spurring confessions from Lynn, Richard, Tom P, Bob N, Pamela, Michael DeR, Paul, Carol S, and George.  Going with the flow of $$$, Past President, Michael A, left his badge at home, and President Bob started the meeting late.

George confessed

and paid $1 for being late.
Last of January's

Confessions were good for the soul: Obie, John, Bob N, and Michael DeR were rumored to have been observing the spinning of the Rotary fine wheel and paying  their $2s for being late.
The Rotary Foundation

The Rotary Foundation


The Rotary Foundation transforms your gifts into projects that change lives both close to home and around the world. As the charitable arm of Rotary, we tap into a global network of Rotarians who invest their time, money, and expertise into our priorities, such as eradicating polio and promoting peace. Foundation grants empower Rotarians to approach challenges such as poverty, illiteracy, and malnutrition with sustainable solutions that leave a lasting impact. Strong financial oversight, a stellar charity rating, and a unique funding model mean that the Foundation makes the very most of the contributions it receives.

The Foundation offers two types of grants:

DISTRICT GRANTS: District grants fund smaller, short-term activities that address needs in the local community and communities worldwide. Each Rotary district gets to choose which projects it will fund with these grants.

GLOBAL GRANTS: Global grants support large international activities that have sustainable, measurable outcomes in one or more of our areas of focus. Rotarians create their own projects and carry them out.

Paul Harris Fellows

Anyone who contributes - or in whose name is contributed - a gift of US$1,000 or more to the Annual Programs Fund, a Humanitarian Grant, or PolioPlus or PolioPlus Partners of The Rotary Foundation may become a Paul Harris Fellow. Each new Paul Harris Fellow receives a commemorative certificate, a Paul Harris Fellow pin, and a medallion. Donors are eligible to receive Paul Harris Fellow Recognition Points when their cumulative giving reaches US$1,000. Also, for additional gifts totaling US$1,000 or more, a Paul Harris Fellow is recognized as a Multiple Paul Harris Fellow and may also choose to honor someone else as a Paul Harris Fellow with their Foundation Recognition Points, and is eligible to receive a Multiple Paul Harris Fellow pin with additional stones. For the first time in its history, in Rotary Year 2007-2008 all members of the Rotary Club of McLean were recognized as Paul Harris Fellows, and the club was certified as a 100 Percent Paul Harris Fellows Club by The Rotary Foundation.

The following members of the Rotary Club of McLean are distinguished as Paul Harris Fellows: Sarvendra Agarwal (2006)(PHF+4); Dominic Alexander (2013); Thamir Al'Hashimi (2002); Michael Arietti (2008); Jan Auerbach (2010); Maqsood A. Chaudhry (2003)(PHF+1); Martha L. Child (2001)(PHF+1); Pamela Beck and Morgan Danner (1997)(PHF+8); B. Todd Dempsey (2003)(PHF+2); Michael S. DeRose (2005)(PHF+1); Nancy Fisher (2013); Celia Sparks Ford (2007)(PHF+2); Robert H. Frank (1993); Richard Golden (2011); Chester H. Gray (1996)(PHF+1); Robert Frank (1993)(PHF+1); Richard Golden (2011)(PHF+1); Chester Gray (1996)(PHF+1); Robert L. Hahne (PHF+8); Lynn Heinrichs (2011); Michael J. and Keith Holleran (2002)(PHF+1); Edward B. Holman (1986)(PHF+8); Deborah Jackson (2008)(PHF+5); Bob Jansen (2014)(PHF+1); Tehmina Khan (2009); Robert F. Koenig (2005); Dale Lazar (PHF+5); Angela Lee (2010); Thomas Mangan (2002)(PHF+1); Kathleen L. Martin (2006)(PHF+8); John P. and Brenda McEvilly (2001)(PHF+1); Douglas B. and Anna Megill (2001)(PHF+6); Robert G. Nath (1990)(PHF+1); Richard Neldon (2007)(PHF+2); Tom and Lucy O'Bryon (1996)(PHF+8); Frank Peterson (2006); Bilal and Tin Tin Raschid (PHF+9); John F. Rosenbaum (2007); Robert F. and Judy Rosenbaum (1977)(PHF+4); George Sachs (2007); Paul M. Sawtell (2003)(PHF+2); Heather Schoeppe (PHF+1); Eva Sereghy (2013)(PHF+2); Dana Sippel (2011)(PHF+5); William M. Stell (1976)(PHF+1); John C. Tharrington (1996)(PHF+1); Anne Vandemark-Morton (2001)(PHF+1); Paul B. Ward (1993)(PHF+1); Lois Wilson (2007)(PHF+3); Carmen Martinez Wu (2007); William G., Betsy Gibson and Clinton Joseph Yarborough (2006)(PHF+8); Vance S. Zavela (1996)(PHF+8).

Paul Harris Society Members

In 1999, District Governor Wayne Cusick initiated the Paul Harris Society of District 5340 to encourage Rotarians to personally commit to contributing $1,000 or more annually to The Rotary Foundation. In 2002-2003 District Governor Sandy Duckworth chartered the Paul Harris Society for District 7610. In October 2005, Rotary Foundation Trustees officially adopted the Paul Harris Society as a district administered recognition effective with the 2006-2007 Rotary year. Between Rotary Years 2006-2007 and 2011-2012, the number of Paul Harris Society members who were McLean Rotarians grew from three to 22. The following members of the Rotary Club of McLean are currently members of the District 7610 Paul Harris Society: Sarvendra "Sam" Agarwal * Pamela Beck Danner * Robert L. Hahne * Edward B. Holman * Deborah Jackson * Bob Jansen * Dale Lazar * Kathleen L. Martin * Douglas Megill * Tom W. O'Bryon * Guru Raj * Tin Tin and Bilal Raschid * Jean Schiro-Zavela * Eva Sereghy * Dana Sippel * Lois S. Wilson * William Glenn Yarborough * Vance S. Zavela (Charter Member).

Major Donors

The Rotary Foundation recognizes those couples or individuals whose combined personal outright or cumulative giving has reached US$10,000. All outright contributions made to The Rotary Foundation are included in this total, regardless of the gift designation. There are six levels of Major Donors, Level 1 donors have contributed $10,000 or more, Level 2 donors have contributed $25,000 or more, Level 3 donors $50,000 or more, Level 4 donors over $100,000, Arch Klumpf Society over $250,000, Level 5 donors over $500,000 and Level 6 donors over $1 million. The generosity of the following members of the Rotary Club of McLean and their spouses has been recognized for their support as Major Donors of the Rotary Foundation:

Arch Klumpf Society - Vance S. Zavela and Jean L. Schiro-Zavela

Level Four - Vance S. Zavela and Jean L. Schiro-Zavela

Level Two - Edward B. and Linda Holman * Robert Hahne

Level One - Pamela and David Danner * Obie and Lucy O'Bron * Glenn Yarborough

Bequest Society Members

The Rotary Foundation recognizes those couples or individuals who have made commitments in their estate plans totaling US$10,000 or more. The following gift types of US$10,000 or more are eligible for Bequest Society Membership: Bequest commitments in a will or living trust or whole and universal life insurance. The following members of the Rotary Club of McLean have been recognized as Bequest Society Members by The Rotary Foundation: Robert Hahne * Ed Holman * Bob and Judy Rosenbaum *Tin Tin Nu and Bilal Raschid.

Benefactor Members

A Rotarian may become a Benefactor to The Rotary Foundation by making the Permanent Fund a beneficiary in his or her estate plans or by making an outright gift of US$1,000 or more to the Permanent Fund. The following members of the Rotary Club of McLean are Benefactors to The Rotary Foundation: Pamela Beck Danner; Robert Hahne; Edward B. Holman; Carmen Martinez; Tom W. O'Bryon; Tin Tin Nu and Bilal Raschid; William Glenn Yarborough; Vance S. Zavela and Jean Schiro-Zavela. Contribution/Donor Recognition Form (in the download section of the McLean Rotary homepage)